The Need is Urgent

For several years, Bijou has been struggling with systemic JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). Recently, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, which means that she is in need of a lung transplant. However, during this time of hospitalization there have been numerous complications with many other organs in her body. The need for Bijou is more urgent now than ever.

Bijou and the Leger family must get to the United States for treatment as soon as possible. Costs to consider include required medical transportation, consultations, and treatment, all costs that will be incurred prior to insurance. In addition, they will incur enormous moving costs by relocating their family from Hong Kong to Cincinnati. These costs including housing, transportation, and the care of three children. Their departure date is May 13th.

The situation is time sensitive, and many people in their circles of friends and family are donating both large and small amounts. The owners of my own company, Dean Media Group, matched my earlier monetary donation without knowing Bijou. People have also donated time trying to help John, the father, find employment near Cincinnati (anyone with Cincinnati connections please contact me!). Others have been trying to spread the word and rally support. One fantastic and brief overview was put together by one of their close friends and can be viewed here.

To further help encourage you to donate, I am setting up a simple raffle. Following are the details on each raffle item, and I’d like to give a big Thank You to the individuals and businesses who have offered their time and help.

-Frank Nicodem

Raffle Prizes

1. Chicago Bears Tickets

Frank's 4 tickets to the Chicago Bears Monday Night home game against the New Orleans Saints at 7:30 pm, December 15th. Also, the Bears organization has added to this a 2014 Limited-Edition Laser Autographed Photo. The prize is approximately valued at $350.

2. Chicago Fire Package

4 field side seats, just feet from the field at Toyota Park (see image) and signed Chicago Fire jersey. This prize is good for any Chicago Fire game (some exceptions may apply). This prize is valued at over $500

3. Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi Gear

Sonos is donating wireless Hi-Fi gear valued at $448. Anyone who's been to Frank's house or ever mentions interest in home audio knows he won't shut up about how cool this system is.

4. Fox Valley Dining Gift Card Pack

Foxfire donated $100 in gift cards and is one of our favorite date night spots. Upscale steaks and chops any day, $5 gourmet burgers on Monday. CityPublications is donating $100 in Domo77 gift cards, quite a show if you haven’t been to a Hibachi style before (and the food is great too).  Also, Chef Jimmy from our favorite local restaurant, Riganato, donated $50 in gift cards.  Frank's daughter thinks their spaghetti and meatballs (ricotta stuffed) is better than Mommy’s. And if you're a brunch lover, there is no place better than Egg Harbor, who has donated a gift card for free breakfast or lunch for two.

Spread the Word!

Many circles of people throughout the world are doing whatever they can to assist this family with their sudden financial needs. My personal goal for this specific effort is to help raise at least $10,000. As you can see from the donation site (a central collection for ALL their efforts), much progress has been made. But these are just the initial costs and there will be more as soon as they land in the US.

My personal goal for this $10,000 will mean getting well over 100 people donating $20, $30 or perhaps even $50. I'm hoping the story resonates with a couple-dozen of you (or your connections) to consider an amount over $100. And anyone who decides to go above and beyond even the prize values to donate over $500 will help us reach that goal even faster. PLEASE share this with anyone and everyone you'd like. Make use of the sharing buttons below, editing the content as you see fit, or contact Frank for more information.

THANK YOU so much from me personally and from the Leger family.

Frank Nicodem

How You Can Help

Donate via one of the means below then fill out the form with your donation details to be entered in the raffle.

1) Donate Online

Donate online through their site and then fill out the form with the amount you donated. This allows Paypal and major credit cards and is naturally the fastest and most convenient.

2) Donate Through Frank

Donate through me by giving me the money (or promising me that you'll get me the money at a later date). I can bundle and then transfer the money directly to them in a lump sum, which allows anyone who would prefer to use cash or check to donate. Also, this saves a 3% credit-card processing fee from the above collection place (There are no other fees, so at least 97% of the money goes straight to them, so online is still a great option given its convenience)

For more information check out this FAQ