Your odds of winning your selected raffle prize(s) are based on total participation and prize values are approximate. Frank will not be eligible for the prizes but will not be excluding the potential from close friends and family as they will be much of the key audience and purpose of this drive. Winner selection will be random and actual choosing out of Frank’s control.

Our desire is to get all donations by May 13 due to the Family's needs but will leave open the raffle form until the end of the 18th to go through that weekend. Obviously anyone can donate post raffle any time convenient to them.

Raffle winners will be drawn by Bijou herself and video recorded to share with all, posted to this site at a later date (estimated to be during the month of June, 2014) and emailed to the winners.

Prizes are claimed through Frank. Frank will contact the winners through the email provided to finalize and approve the winnings, as well as to set up delivery of said prize(s)

Chicago Fire premier field-side seats do not include the food and drink mentioned on their public site for purchase as it is handled by a separate vendor who is not participating in this raffle. The winner will be able to choose any game except the Tottenham game, though this is subject to change at the discretion of the Chicago Fire.

The discrepancy between the YouCaring donation site stating there are 100s of days left to donate and the urgency listed in this raffle is based on the simple fact that while the vast majority of costs will be incurred all up front and in fact desperately needed on or just after May 13, there will continue to be costs for a while and there was no reason to "force" the main online donation site to stop accepting them in the future or shut down its collection.

This raffle is just about friends helping friends and unfortunately your contribution will not be tax-deductible.

For more information about Bijou’s life and situation, please refer to her CaringBridge site for the full story and the most updates and pictures.